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ECSO’s Cybersecurity Made in Europe seal of approval awarded to G DATA

Seal underlines the trust placed in the European cyber defence service provider

G DATA CyberDefense has become one of the first security companies to be awarded the Cybersecurity Made in Europe label by the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO). The seal of approval reinforces the trustworthiness of European security manufacturers and European digital autonomy. G DATA is a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer of IT security solutions, and the award underpins its “No Backdoor” guarantee throughout Europe.

The ECSO Cybersecurity Made in Europe label gives G DATA a European seal of approval as a trustworthy IT security company. The seal represents the high requirements for data protection and data security in the EU. The European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA) has developed comprehensive basic security requirements, compliance with which is essential for products and services to be considered secure.  

The ECSO label continues at the European level what the IT Security Made in Germany (ITSMIG) initiative started a long time ago. It also includes a “No Backdoor” declaration and obliges the manufacturers of IT security solutions to submit to the high European security standards and to implement the privacy requirements under the GDPR. 

Ralf Benzmüller

We are delighted to have received the ECSO label and the trust it represents. Trust is the most important building block for a long-term relationship for us and for our customers.

Ralf Benzmüller

Executive speaker at G DATA Security Labs

Holders of the ECSO label meet the following criteria

  • the head office of the company is located in Europe 

  • the majority of the employees are employed in Europe 

  • the core market is Europe 

  • compliance with the 12 basic security requirements specified by ENISA as essential for products and services in information and communication technology to be considered secure - download

G DATA meets all the criteria for the seal. The cyber defence company researches and develops all of its security solutions and services exclusively in Germany, at its headquarters in Bochum. 

Application procedure required to receive the seal of approval

Security companies with headquarters in Europe can apply to one of the sixteen associations authorised by ECSO to award the label to providers of cyber security solutions in Europe. The only awarding body in Germany is eurobits e.V.  

More information on the award can be found at: The new ECSO label is intended to reinforce the trustworthiness of European cyber defence companies with its high requirements, as well as improve their visibility in the international market. 

G DATA CyberDefense was a co-initiator of the TeleTrusT association’s IT Security Made in Germany (ITSMIG) initiative. We are still strongly rooted in the tradition of ITSMIG”, says Ralf Benzmüller. With the ECSO label, we now have the chance to represent this promise credibly in Europe as well. We are very clear about that and have been for years. There are no backdoors in our software.” 


Anuncio de 05. mayo 2021

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